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Frequently Asked Questions - English

Do the relatives or someone have to stay with the patients admitted there?


If the relatives prefer to stay with the patient, do you have the facility for that?

Yes, but not in the SNEHAM compound. If the patient is not too hostile, he or she can be admitted along with the relatives in rooms in any other section of St. Thomas Hospital.

How much would the treatment cost?

Those who get admitted in the ward have to pay Rs 650 a day - this includes rent Rs 250, psychiatrist's consultation fee Rs 150, nursing charges Rs 150, and laundry charges Rs 100.

Those who get admitted in the double rooms have to pay Rs 900 a day - this includes rent Rs 400, psychiatrist's consultation fee Rs 200, nursing charges Rs 200, and laundry charges Rs 100.

Additional payments will have to be made for food, medicines, investigations, disposable sheets, nursing procedures, consultations with other specialists or psychologist, etc.

Counselling and yoga are free.

(Do remember that we are usually able to discharge most patients within 1-3 weeks.)

If some family member wants to stay with the patient, then the charges would be different and would depend on the kind of room selected, etc.

While coming there with the patient for admission, what all should we bring with us?
  1. One government-issued ID card of the patient and any of the accompanying persons, in the original.
  2. Three to four sets of the patient's dresses.
  3. All available records of past treatments and investigations.
While coming for admission, by what time should we reach there?

It would be better to reach here between 9 am and 1 pm on any day except Sundays and holidays. Or else you can reach between 4 pm and 5 pm. (Please visit www.mind.in/op to see OP holidays.)

In emergencies, you can approach our casualty at any time. However, in such situations, a bystander will have to stay with the patient till the psychiatrist does an assessment and decides to admit in SNEHAM. If you intend to pursue this option, better discuss the practicalities with us beforehand at our helpline number 96 331 000 11.

How much money should be deposited at the time of admission?

Rs. 10,000.

If at the time of admission the Psychiatrist feels that a short stay of about one week would be sufficient, an advance of only Rs. 5,000 would have to be paid.

Will the patients be allowed to keep cell phones, laptops, etc. with them?

No. The patients can use our phone to call close contacts, subject to the rules of the Centre.

How many days' admission will be required for the treatment of alcoholism?

From one week to one month, depending on the physical and psychological condition of the patient.

Are patients with psychological issues and those with addictions kept together?

No. The rooms and wards are separate.

Are any entertainment activities and such available to the patients?

Of course. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, and facilities for games like chess, cards, badminton, carroms, board games, etc. are available. We also have facilities for yoga and physical exercise.

Do you admit patients who have serious physical illnesses like cirrhosis, epilepsy or uncontrolled diabetes?

Yes. SNEHAM is part of a multispeciality hospital which has diverse specialists like physicians, gastroenterologists, neurologist, etc. However, if the patient's condition is very serious, bystanders will have to stay with him/her.

If a patient is not ready to come to your centre, will you come and pick them from their home?

Sorry. We do not have facilities for that.

Do you admit minors who have not turned eighteen?

Yes. However, as per the provisions of the Mental Health Care Act 2017, a bystander will have to stay with the minor. Also, as per the law, female bystanders should be there with admitted girls. Minors will be admitted not in the compound of SNEHAM but in one of the medical wards/rooms of the hospital.

Is your centre registered with the State Mental Health Authority?

Yes, it is.

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