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Our Deaddiction Center provides state-of-the-art counselling, psychotherapy and other interventions for patients suffering from addictions like alcohol dependence. The treatment usually takes 10-30 days. We are usually able to discharge those with mild addiction within 10-14 days. There is no need for bystanders to stay with the patient. As our center is part of a multispeciality hospital, we are also well equipped to take care of all physical patients people with alcoholism might suffer from, like cirrhosis, neuropathy, diabetes, injuries, etc.

The interventions we use in our Deaddiction Center

  • Detailed assessment of the nature, pattern and causes of the patient's alcohol use.
  • Use of appropriate medications to manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Regular nursing monitoring to screen for emergence of serious withdrawal symptoms like delirium.
  • Necessary investigations to assess the physical damage caused by alcohol.
  • Motivational Interviewing to enhance the motivation of patients who are not fully ready to stop the addiction.
  • Coping Skills Training where we teach the patients various skills and techniques that will enable them to lead a life without alcohol. These include craving management, time management, drink refusal techniques, sleep hygiene skills, anger management, communication skills, developing alternative hobbies and social networks, etc.
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy in which we extensively analyze the situations in which the patient relapsed in the past, and train them to survive such situations in the future.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Use of appropriate medications for prevention of relapses.
  • Management of comorbid physical and psychiatric conditions
  • Education and counselling for family members

The patients will also have access to our Hospital Library that contains many self-help books, in both English and Malayalam, for people trying to overcome addictive disorders.

Common doubts those interested in seeking admission here may have are answered in the FAQ section. You may also be interested in knowing the details of our treating team. You may also call +91 96331 000 11 to know more about our Deaddiction Center. You may also read many Malayalam articles we published on alcoholism and other addictions.

Video of the interview our Psychiatrist Dr. Shahul Ameen gave to Jai Hand channel on various aspects of alcoholism can be watched below:

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